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Workshop: Designing Primary Writing Units with the Common Core in Mind
December 3 - 14

Format: Online Course
Grade(s): K, 1st, 2nd
Topic(s): Teaching Writing, Common Core

  • The Common Core is changing instruction in grades K-2 classrooms across the country, with teachers reconsidering both the content and the skills tackled in their writing units. Katie DiCesare will guide participants through the process of designing writing units linked to the Common Core. Through webcasts, readings, video viewing, and online discussions with Katie and classmates, participants will:
  • Explore how research-based classroom design and routines lay the groundwork for all learning in the class.
  • Consider how to build community in a way that promotes student collaboration and achievement.
  • Delve into planning tools and resources.
  • Learn how to integrate formative assessment through writing units.
  • Analyze student work within the framework of Common Core standards.
  • Browse literature and technology resources that enhance and support student learning during writing units.
  • View examples of Katie guiding students as they write their way through three Common Core based units focus on personal narratives, literary character development, and opinion writing.

Course Opportunities

  • This course is self-paced to allow participants to move at their own pace. Choices are built into the course. However there are dates that prerecorded webinars should be viewed and blog posts should be completed so that the Ning conversations can support all learners.
  • Articles and videos will be provided that connect to each session’s content.  Please complete all readings, viewings before viewing recorded webinars.
  • Follow-up optional readings and videos will be shared on the course Ning and the course syllabus.
  • Post (3) session reflective blog posts on the course Ning.  These posts will provide for conversation between participants, and Katie DiCesare will personally respond to each post.
  • Spend time between webinars commenting and adding to the conversations on the Ning.
  • Participate in ongoing discussion threads of the Choice Literacy Ning.

Participants will receive access to three webcasts, the Two Workshops DVD (a $159 value), detailed personal responses from Katie, and a one-month subscription to Choice Literacy for nonmembers. All webcasts are pre-recorded to allow participants to view (and review) at your convenience.

Choice Literacy and Lead Literacy members receive a $50 discount off the $295 course fee. Just be sure to log into your membership account before checkout to receive the discount. If you are paying with a purchase order or check, include your membership email so we can verify your paid account for the discount.

Katie DiCesare

Katie DiCesare has worked as an educator for 14 years in a number of roles including kindergarten, first, and second grade, primary literacy support and middle school math teacher. She enjoys contributing and presenting for Choice Literacy and is featured in the Two Workshops DVD. You can follow Katie at her blog Creative Literacy.

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