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Workshop: Literacy Coach Jumpstart Online October 21 - 28, 2013

Format: Online Course
Grade(s): K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
Topic(s): Teaching Writing, Leadership, Literacy Coaches, Teaching Reading, New Teacher Mentors, Teacher Study Groups

It seems like almost every elementary school is adding a literacy coach to the faculty these days -- but who will coach the coaches? Literacy Coach Jumpstart is an online course designed to help K-5 literacy coaches, curriculum coordinators, and school leaders acquire the skills they need for coaching success all year long.

The course tackles the toughest challenges coaches face, including:

  • Creating year-long professional development goals and plans with teachers
  • Mentoring new teachers and setting up veteran-novice teacher partnerships
  • Designing and stocking a literacy resource room for teachers
  • Demonstrating model lessons and strategies in K-5 classrooms
  • Leading teacher workshops and study groups in diverse settings
  • Scheduling to maximize coaching time in classrooms and teacher growth
  • Conferring techniques that are most effective in coaching sessions
  • Integrating curriculum coaching into regularly scheduled staff meetings
  • Designing a year-long study group, coaching and assessment plan

Participants receive access to three 30 minute webcasts, a copy of Jennifer Allen's book, Becoming a Literacy Leader, the Layered Coaching DVD (a $229 value), and personal response from Jennifer Allen on the course discussion board. Participants who are not members of Choice Literacy also receive a complimentary one-month subscription to the site. Here is an excerpt from the Layered Coaching DVD participants will receive:




Jennifer Allen is a literacy coach and reading specialist in Waterville, Maine and author of the bestselling books Becoming a Literacy Leader: Supporting Learning and Change and A Sense of Belonging: Sustaining and Retaining New Teachers.

Testimonials from participants in previous workshops with Jennifer Allen:

Jen's entire presentation spoke volumes to me - it was so helpful to go through each layer of coaching.  The excellent organization and presentation made the day fly by - thanks!

                                                         Nancy Chodoroff

The presenter was well-prepared and knowledgeable.  It was all helpful and the videos were great.  Jennifer speaks from experience.

                                                             Lisa Mancione

With six literacy coaches across the district, this workshop was invaluable for moving forward in a unified fashion with tools that develop a common language - but are not prescriptive.  It was refreshing to learn from a practitioner who is still practicing their craft.

                                                        Elaine Zagrodny

The intentionality of how Jen plans for professional development - especially the difference between new and veteran teachers, was fascinating.  I was surprised at the amount of resources provided - chockfull of useful coaching information and the developmental cycle of coaching.

                                                             Karen Babbitt

This workshop promotes deep thinking about why and how we coach, while remaining grounded in learning and leadership theory.  So many practical examples!  This has helped shape my thinking about how to structure my year, meetings, and work.

                                                            Lisa Ramos Hillegers

What an inspirational educator! I wish everyone on my staff or in the district could attend.  Choice Literacy Workshops are my favorite professional development.

                                                    John Osgood

Choice Literacy and Lead Literacy members receive a $50 discount off the $295 course fee. Just be sure to log into your membership account before checkout to receive the discount.

Jennifer Allen

Jennifer Allen is a literacy specialist in grades 3-5 for the Waterville, Maine, school district, where she works as a reading coach and leads professional development programs for teachers in a wide range of formats. She is the author of  Becoming a Literacy Leader and  A Sense of Belonging (both available through Stenhouse Publishers), as well as three video series.

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