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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I pay for a membership with a check or school purchase order?

You may use our site license form to pay for an individual membership with a check or purchase order. The $99 charge is the same as the online credit card rate. The enrollment form with mail and fax details is available for download by clicking on this link.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30-day no hassle refund policy. If you are unsatisfied for any reason with a purchase, just contact us and we will refund the full purchase price.

How can I change my account email address or password?

Log into the site with your current username and password, and you'll be taken to your member dashboard where you can easily change your account details (including mailing address, password, and contact email).

I registered with my school email address, but would like to browse materials at home. Can I transfer my membership between computers or to a home email address?

This is a common misconception about memberships - your membership is not tied to a specific computer or email address. You can access your membership at any time - on any computer at home, school, or even a café with Internet access. Just keep your username and password in a handy place - those are the only details you need to access the site from anywhere.

I would like to buy an annual membership, but I worry that I will not get full value since the school year is well underway. Do your memberships follow the school term?

Annual memberships ends exactly 365 days from your date of enrollment, so you need not worry about starting at the middle or end of a school year. In other words, if your membership begins in mid-March, it will end in mid-March of the following year.

I have a membership to the site, but my school is in the process of purchasing a site license that will include me. Can I get a refund on the remainder of my term?

Absolutely! If your school purchases a site license while you are in the middle of a membership term, we will prorate a refund based on the time you have remaining in your term. We will then send a check to you or refund your credit card promptly.

Do you publish materials during the summer?

We have only two one-week publishing breaks - in late December and June. Other than that, we have a full publishing schedule of 5-7 new features published each week. We actually maintain a heavier publishing schedule in July and August, because we know many educators set aside more time during these months for study, planning, and reflection.

Your site looks interesting, but how do I know it will be updated regularly?

Many of us have been burned financially by websites or services that launch with a wealth of interesting content, but then are rarely updated. We have a consistent history over seven years of delivering on our commitment of 5-7 new features each week, with over 1800 professionally edited articles and videos currently available. In fact, as our membership base has grown, we have increased the number of new features posted monthly.

I would like to make copies of an article for a study group meeting next week. How do I go about requesting copyright permission?

Members receive a blanket permission to make up to 20 hard copies of any print article for use in nonprofit settings like schools or education agencies - there is no need for you to write to us for permission if your use is within these boundaries. You can access our full copyright policy at this link. We do not allow full postings of articles on websites, electronic bulletin boards, or newsletters.

May I have a free trial membership?

We don't offer free trial memberships, but you can sample our content by subscribing to The Big Fresh, our weekly update that includes open links every week to paid content. You may also get a sense of our offerings through our Free Samples department at this link.

I received a message that my account has been locked for 24 hours because of a dual log-in. Why did this happen?

The system will detect a simultaneous log-in on two different computers of one member's account, and automatically locks the account. This protects users from anyone fraudulently using their account, and it protects Choice Literacy from members sharing their accounts.

Please do not share your username or password with colleagues. We depend upon membership revenue to produce our content - sharing member information is a violation of our terms of use. If you receive more than one lock-out because of shared account information, we will either reset your username and password to clear up the problem, or cancel your account and issue a refund on the remainder of your term.