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Contributor: Shari Frost

Shari Frost has enjoyed a rich and varied professional life as an educator. She has served as a classroom teacher, a reading specialist, a professional developer, and an instructor at the university level. Shari taught kindergarten through fifth grades in the Chicago Public Schools for more than 25 years. Her classroom has been featured in instructional videos by the National Council of Teachers of English, Celebration Press, Scott Foresman, the State of Illinois, the CTELL Project and the Annenberg Teaching Reading K-2 video series.

Currently, Shari is a professional developer working with literacy coaches, intervention specialists, classroom teachers and children in classrooms to support the improvement of literacy instruction in the Chicago Public Schools.

Shari is an active member in professional organizations including National Council of Teachers of English, International Reading Association, and the state level affiliates. She is a frequent presenter at conferences sponsored by these organizations. She is the author of a collection of literacy coaching tools along with Roberta Buhle and Camille Blachowicz entitled Effective Literacy Coaching: Building Expertise and a Culture of Literacy (2009, ASCD) and the editor of Literacy Coaching Clearinghouse. Her writing for Choice Literacy focuses on literacy coaching and things she learns from teachers and children in classrooms.

Shari shares her life beyond Choice Literacy with this "What Do You Know?" interview.

Books Next to My Bed: The Prime Ministers (Avner), Winter Garden (Hannah), The Imperfectionists (Rachman)

Your Word or Phrase: Why would you say anything that you could sing?

Favorite Destressing Activity: Zumba or Jazzercise

Love to: Go dancing

Hobbies: reading and walking

Inspired By: Randy Pausch

Favorite Place to Visit: National parks

Guilty Pleasure: Dancing with the Stars

Item on My Bucket List: Take a hot air balloon ride

Favorite Music on My iPod: Motown and musical soundtracks

Proudest Accomplishment: Teaching 500+ children to read

What Makes Me Laugh: Watching pee wee soccer games

Something Not Everyone Knows about Me: I am a book club slut. I currently belong to three different book clubs.

A Few Favorite Movies: Singing in the Rain, The Wizard of Oz, Funny Girl

Love Shopping For: Funky jewelry at art fairs

Best Snack in the World: guacamole

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