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Making Assessments Work for You

Grade(s): K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th
Topic(s): Teaching Writing, Leadership, Literacy Coaches, Teaching Reading, Teacher Study Groups


Students are assessed more than ever before, but what's a teacher to do with all those numbers and notes?  This DVD features two simple protocols teachers can use to move from analyzing assessment data to designing thoughtful lessons.

In Part I, Clare Landrigan leads a 1st grade team of teachers and administrators as they examine whole school and individual classroom data, and then use the information to brainstorm instruction for individual students, small groups, and whole-class lessons.

In Part II, Tammy Mulligan works with a team of 5th grade teachers and literacy coaches to consider the implications of a recent comprehension assessment.  The group uses the findings from the assessment to design a demonstration lesson Tammy leads, and the program closes with a discussion among the teachers of observations from the lesson.

This video can help any teacher or school staff get more out of professional learning groups, lesson observations, and team meetings, as well as forge stronger connections between assessment data and instructional design.



Part I:  1st Grade Learning Team Meeting with Clare Landrigan

Greetings and Setting the Agenda
Taking a Closer Look at Data
New Learning
Looking at Student Writing
Looking at Curriculum
Personal Action Planning
Review and Documentation

Part II:  5th Grade Data Analysis and Lesson Planning with Tammy Mulligan

Greetings and Setting the Agenda
Analyzing Student Data:  What Do You Notice?
Analyzing Student Data:  Compare with Classroom Samples
Choosing Question to Investigate
Planning the Lesson
Demonstration Lesson
Small Groups
Teacher Debrief
Action Plans and Next Steps

You can view sample footage from the Making Assessments Work for You DVD below by clicking on the "play" button. Please be aware that compressed video on the web is much lower quality than that on the published DVD:

 Clare Landrigan and Tammy Mulligan are veteran teachers, literacy coaches and curriculum coordinators. They are the founders of Teachers for Teachers, a literacy consultation service based in Lexington, Massachusetts.

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Cost: $199

Clare Landrigan and Tammy Mulligan

Clare Landrigan and Tammy Mulligan have been working in the field of professional development for the past 16 years. They now run a private staff development business, Teachers for Teachers, working with varied school systems to implement best practices in the field of literacy and to engage in institutional change.  They are the authors of Assessment in Perspective.